Safari of the Soul… A Timeless Africa…

Images of Africa. I’m not sure what has happened to me since returning from my African Safari, my dream journey of a lifetime. Something has changed within me; the spirit of Africa has touched my soul.

My postproduction of imagery has changed somewhat since my return. Ideas are flowing; images are being created like none I have created before. I came home with good yet standardized images, and now am developing creative ideas to portray ‘timeless’ works of art, something unique that brings out the artistic beauty of Africa, it’s heart, it’s soul.

I hope that my images can do justice to the way I feel about Africa and it’s wildlife, to evoke emotion not only in myself, but also most importantly to the viewer. I want people to see and feel as I did, to be touched by the majestic splendour of our wildlife, and to appreciate how important it is to preserve these treasures that inhabit our earth.

The mane of a lion blowing in the breeze, the intent stare of the cheetah as she watches across the Serengeti plains, the beautiful Chui, or leopard as she lays high on a branch, gazing down at you. The zebra’s artistically painted coat, the swishing tails of the gazelle, the slow but determined gate of the elephant, the elegant giraffes reaching for the highest branches, and the gorillas with their passive personalities. Look into their eyes, and you will see your own soul.

Many more animals roam these vast lands, all with their uniqueness, purpose and beauty. That is the wildlife of Africa, it’s soul. Let us admire all, respect all and preserve all. A timeless Africa….


Zebras, Amboseli National Park, Kenya, East Africa

Zebras, Amboseli National Park, Kenya, East Africa


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