This is part two of a three part series. By dividing it up, I’m hoping that you will take the time to read each section to the end as the plight of the amazing Orangutan depends on us. If we all help, they can be saved from Extinction!

The following is an excerpt from the WWF website stating the plight of the amazing Orangutan.

WWF report on Endangered Orangutans

Orangutans are under threat

Orangutans are the largest tree dwelling animal in the world. When the trees around them are cut down or burnt for agriculture and commercial forestry, they lose their shelter and their food. Then the poachers come. Many Orangutans are killed for meat and medicinal purposes each year. Mothers are killed and their offspring sold as pets or status symbols.

Save the Orangutans’ home

Forests are also known to be home to a rich diversity of plant species, some of which could cure some of the world’s deadliest diseases. Such as a shrub with promising anti-cancer properties; a previously unknown anti-malarial agent found in tree bark; and a unique chemical produced by the Bornean Bintangor tree, which appears to be effective against HIV.

These forests also have a crucial role to play in humanity’s epic struggle against climate change. They have an enormous capacity to capture and retain CO² from the atmosphere.

At WWF we’re committed to stopping the senseless degradation of the Heart of Borneo, a part of our planet’s natural environment.

How you can help

By supporting WWF-Australia’s Global Conservation Program you will ensure the continued work to end forest destruction in the Heart of Borneo. Your donation secures the long-term survival of one of our most iconic species – the Orangutan – will continue.

Your donation will help us to:

Protect 22 million hectares of rainforest

Provide the people of Borneo with real alternatives to illegal poaching and logging

Protect the remaining natural habitats of Orangutans, rhinos and elephants within the Heart of Borneo

Monitor timber and paper supplies through the Global Forest & Trade Network.

Please  help us act now to avoid disaster. The Orangutan needs our help, they can be saved!!

Orang-Utan baby

Orang-Utan baby


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