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Uganda is among the top 20 global tourism destinations for the year 2013, according to the National Geographic, and was voted as the number one tourist destination for 2012 by Lonely Planet.

Known as the ‘Pearl of Africa’, Uganda is a friendly land-locked country in East Africa. It has a well-developed tourist infrastructure with excellent national parks that showcase Uganda’s wide variety of wildlife.

Uganda has the highest concentration of primates on earth, including the majestic mountain Gorilla, one of the rarest animals on the planet. It also boasts the tree-climbing lions, a Rhino Sanctuary and is one of the world’s best bird-watching destinations with over 1000 species. All this and more is set amongst stunning scenery of mountain ranges and the mighty Nile River that needs to be seen to be believed.

With a friendly and experienced Ugandan guide and myself, let us take you on an adventure of a lifetime and show you some of what Uganda has to offer.

This safari is suitable for photographers of all levels as well as nature enthusiasts as we will be maximizing our time in the field to witness and photograph wildlife in the best light available.


Monday 29th June 2015

Upon your arrival at Entebbe international airport, meet up with your guide who will then transfer you by mini bus to Cassia Lodge in Kampala city for your dinner, safari briefing and overnight. Experience the scenic view of the city and hills as the cool breeze comes in from Lake Victoria.



DAY 1 – Monday 29thth June 2015

Wake up to the sights and sounds that is Africa.

After a hearty breakfast, we will embark on our safari with our guides by 4×4 extended Land Cruiser. With a maximum of three people per eight seater, there will be plenty of room for your photographic gear, and will enable you to shoot from both sides of the vehicle without compromise. Our first stop will be at the Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary, a protected area for the last remaining Rhinos of Uganda. With our guide, we will have the opportunity to track and photograph these magnificent creatures on foot through the savannah and swamps. After lunch, we continue on to Murchison Falls National Park, where we will finish our day with an afternoon game drive before heading to our Fort Murchison Lodge to relax, chat and enjoy our evening meal.


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DAY 2 – Tuesday 30th June 2015

With coffee/tea, snacks and a packed picnic lunch, we will head off at dawn for an early morning game drive to utilize the best light and active animals for prime photographic opportunities. We will spend the morning looking for wildlife, which include huge Elephant and Buffalo herds, well-camouflaged Leopards and a healthy population of Lions. This park is also known for its Giraffes, Jackson’s Hartebeest, Bushbucks, Uganda Kob, Water and Bush Bucks, Warthogs, Topi and Oribi. We will have our picnic lunch overlooking the banks of the Nile River. In the afternoon, we will embark on a private boat cruise along the river, where we hope to see various wildlife and bird species. We make our way to the bottom of the falls before returning to our lodge for dinner and overnight.


DAY 3 – Wednesday 1st July 2015

Today, with an early start, we will have our morning in the bush, before continuing onto Murchison Falls where we will explore the top of the mighty falls of the Nile, a place where the vast Nile river gushes through a gorge just six meters wide. We will stop here to enjoy our lunch while enjoying the falls scenic beauty. After lunch, we will head to Hoima town for our overnight stop. A rest stop to break our journey, you can wonder the town to explore and experience the local African life or rest up at our hotel.


DAY 4 – Thursday 2nd July 2015

After breakfast, we will be transferring to Kibale Forest, with lunch en-route. An opportune time to just sit back and admire the most amazing scenic views of the fabled mountains of the moon, the Rwenzori Mountains. We will have dinner and overnight at the Chimp Nest Camp/Kibale Forest Lodge.


DAY 5 – Friday 3rd July 2015

Today we will be venturing on an incredible all day Chimpanzee Habituation trek. With an early start, we will meet up with our guide and join our Chimpanzee community as they rise from their sleep in their purpose build overnight nests. We will journey with them as they feed, hunt, breastfeed, rest, patrol and display before building their nests for the following night. This full day allows us to witness and photograph their behavior in the wild. Be sure to keep your eyes open for other creatures of the forest including Forest Elephants, Buffalo, Bush Pigs, birds, other primate species and much more. After an amazing day with the Chimps, we will return to our Lodge for dinner and a well-earned rest, talking over our exciting days adventures.


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DAY 6 – Saturday 4th July 2015

After breakfast, we will drive to Queen Elizabeth National Park, lunch en-route. We will go on an afternoon game drive to Kasenyi Plains where we hope to encounter Elephants, Lions, Buffalos, Ugandan Kobs, Water and Bush Bucks, and Warthogs amongst others. We will relax and overnight at Enganzi Lodge/Bush Lodge with a hearty dinner.


DAY 7 – Sunday 5h July 2015

We will again rise early with a hot coffee/tea and snack in hand, for our dawn game drive at Kasenyi mating ground to experience and photograph the wildlife, then to the Kasenyi fishing village to view Hippos before stopping for our picnic lunch. After lunch, we will take a boat cruise along the Kazinga Channel that connects Ramsar Lake George to Lake Edward. We can expect to see more wildlife and birds along the shores of the channel before heading back to our Lodge for dinner and overnight.


DAY 8 – Monday 6th July 2015

After an early breakfast, and with packed lunch provided, we will drive to Ishasha southern sector to search for the tree climbing Lions, Buffalos, Elephants and much more. Overnight at Savannah resort Hotel.


DAY 9 – Tuesday 7th July 2015

Again rising early, and with packed lunch, we will explore the Ishasha southern sector in search of the elusive tree-climbing lions, before driving to the Bwindi Gorilla Park, with dinner and overnight at the Kitandara Lodge. This evening you will have the opportunity to watch a Batwa cultural performance put on by the Bwindi orphan children, a moving experience!


DAY 10 – Wednesday 8th July 2015

A highlight of our trip!

As the American Zoologist George Schaller once said: “No one who looks into the eyes of a Gorilla, gentle and vulnerable, can remain unchanged.”

After a hearty breakfast, we will head off to start our unforgettable Gorilla experience. After our de-briefing, we will trek through the jungle in search of our Gorilla group. Depending on the location of the Gorillas to how long this will take us. Once we have found them, we have one memorable hour with these incredible animals before returning to the park office. In the evening, we will enjoy our sundowner with dinner then overnight.

Mountain Gorillas (Gorilla Beringei Beringei) are found in Rwanda, Uganda and the DRC. Along with the Chimpanzees, Orangutans and Bonobo, the Mountain Gorillas are the closest living species to man with DNA very similar to ours. They are highly social animals, and although strong and powerful, are generally shy and gentle. The males, known as Silverbacks due to the silver saddle down their back, can weigh in at 220kgs or more, and will defend their group from external threats. Gorillas will groom each other and females will allow nursing young to nest with them. The young Gorillas like to play games including wrestling, chase and somersaults, which helps them learn how to behave and communicate within the group. Gorillas can be identified by nose prints, with each one being unique to the other. Even though Gorilla numbers have increased to an estimated 880 individuals, they are still regarded as a threatened species. Mountain Gorillas are listed as critically Endangered on the IUCN Red List and are dependant on conservation efforts to survive.

Some of you may wish to visit the Bwindi orphan children again for another Batwa cultural performance.

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DAY 11 – Thursday 9th July 2015

Today after breakfast, we will transfer to Lake Mburo National Park and spend the evening on a game drive in search of wildlife. Here we can expect to see wildlife species like Elands, Impalas, Zebras, Warthogs, Buffalo, Oribi, Defassa, Water Buck, Leopard and Hyena.

We will have dinner and overnight at the Rwakobo Lodge/Mburo Eagle Nest Camp with stunning views over the National Park.


DAY 12 – Friday 10th July 2015

Rising early, with coffee and a snack, we will head out for a dawn game drive. Our last game drive coming to an end, we will head off to the Equator for lunch, and souvenir shopping, before returning to Kampala. Farewell dinner and overnight at Cassia Lodge.


Saturday 11th July 2015

Today you will be escorted to the airport via mini bus for your departure, unless you have arranged for a tour extension.

“Mutuuke Bulungi – Safe journey back home.



 The tour price includes:

Airport transfers by mini bus

Accommodation and meals as per itinerary

Ground transportation by 4×4 Extended Land cruiser safari vehicles

Riwa Rhino Sanctuary entry

Equator visit

En-route luncheons

Chimpanzee permits

Park entrances

Game drives

Boat cruises

Gorilla permits

Batwa Cultural performance

Professional English speaking local guide

Mineral water on board




Visas and Passport costs

Meals and accommodation outside of the safari itinerary

Personal expenditure like; alcoholic drinks, curios, laundry, phone, Internet etc

Gratuities for the local guides and staff at your accommodation

Porter fee while trekking

Personal travel and camera insurance

Immunizations including Malaria medication

Cost of medical services and evacuation if necessary

Any other expenditure of a personal nature


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COST: Total cost for this amazing wildlife photographic safari is $6,500 USD P/P subject to 8 bookings based on double occupancy, and $6,790 USD P/P subject to 5 bookings based on double occupancy. Extra costs will be incurred for single occupancy if available. To secure your placement, a 30% non-refundable deposit is required. The deposit ensures the booking of our Gorilla Permits as numbers to see these endangered animals are very limited. It also secures our Chimp Habituation permits and accommodation. Deposits are required by 30th January 2015 with balance to be paid by 1st April 2015. Spaces are limited to eight people and once full you can be added to the wait list.

If this safari sounds like you, then come join us for this exciting, fun filled trip of a lifetime.

For further information and booking details, please email me at; or

Mobile: 0428 441 044


See you on Safari,



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Here kiddy, kiddy, kiddy, where are you….

Typical, we’ve broken down in the middle of the Serengeti on some beaten old track ages away from the main roads, in lion country. Most people are thinking ‘oh my god, how scary’, but no, not me, I don’t get scared…. I’m thinking great, you bewdy, that means we get to stay out after park curfew in the best light of the day, in lion country, just waiting for that once in a lifetime photo to walk into view! But oh no, not going to happen, instead we see no cats, not even one… just my luck!

Plenty of stars out tonight though – awesome!

We had already fixed the wheel best we could, hobbled the 4wd closer to the main road and to get a mobile signal as in true African style, the CB radio was broken! All the excitement, adrenalin of being where we shouldn’t, then … nothing.  I suppose we did at least get a signal from the roof of the 4wd, so were eventually rescued well into the night, after all of the passing cars in the distance not notice me heartily waving my Maasai blanket from the rooftop. I’m sure there was a Lion laying in the grass somewhere thinking..’What IS she doing!!’

One of those trips, one of life’s big adventures and that’s not the half of it, add a few more breakdowns, flat tyres, getting lost and pitching tent, again in the middle of nowhere – again no kiddies – damn! Oh, and did I mention that back at camp, to ‘safety’, every night there we could hear a Simba roaring probably only a few kilometres away. Where was he before when I needed him!

Oh, and I almost forgot, very first day of safari, yes, the VERY first day, my 5Dmk2 breaks down. It came up error 20…no problem, looked in the troubleshoot section of the manual…yeah, did that, and that, but still no taka a picha, buggar! After spending many hours, which turned into days, trying to find a suitable camera to hire, alas to no avail, yes, I had to make the emergency call to my mate back home…’yeah hi.. mmmate… how’s it going…yeah great…oh, by the way, could I pleeeaassee borrow a couple of grand to buy myself a new camera…pleeeaaassseeee’… that’s what friends are for right!  Thanks David, you’re a lifesaver!!! Anyway, did all that, but choice in Tanzania wasn’t huge, came away with a Canon 500D, ok camera, but meant my whole system that I had spent time, not to mention money preparing, you know, faster card reader, fire wire connections, more CF cards etc, were all useless. Yes you guessed it, this camera only takes SD cards, so needed to purchase another card reader, cards etc, what a hassle!

Was it all worth it, ubetcha, isn’t that what makes life an adventure!

What would I do different next time.. well firstly, I will never travel again without the backup body. I have always convinced myself that I never needed to waste my money on a second body, but when you’ve experienced that feeling of being half way round the world, in a third world country, on a budget and WITH NO CAMERA, geez man, we all need that other body!

From my previous trips list (see earlier post), the only things I changed this trip was I added a couple of 16gb cards, faster SanDisk card reader, fire wire cables, and bigger external hard drive.

Next trip, yes you heard that right, I will add of course another 5d body, probably the 5DMk3 (have already sold the 500d.) Would also love to add the new canon 70-200mm 2.8 ll lens (yes, I plan to get closer to the action), maybe an improved support system for my camera, oh, and a new camera bag…my old Lowepro is busting at the seams – literally. Have been looking at Andy Biggs creation, the Kiboko camera backpack from Guru Gear.. looks like a great invention, airport friendly, nice and light (so I can add more lenses…and don’t forget that second camera body), with a good butterfly opening system, great for the safari vehicle back seat. (Update, have since purchased this great bag from Guru Gear.)

More stories to tell in 2013, from the archives… my African Adventures continue!

See you on safari,


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Trying to get a mobile signal

Copyright: Sam Clark Photography

Waiting to be rescued!

‘JAMBO 2013’

Jambo is a greeting in Swahili!

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Well, 2012 was a big year, a new beginning in a new state of Australia. Big plans in place already for an adventure packed, photographically inspired year in 2013. One of new experiences and new friendships.
I wish to thank all of my family, friends, clients, supporters, and followers, with you all, the journey is so much more rewarding.
May you all have great health, happiness, and friendships. Plan at least one big adventure in 2013, you won’t regret it!

See you on safari,