Eco Safaris

  ‘We are not wildlife photographers without wildlife’

~ Sam Clark


All of our safaris brought to you not only incorporate incredible wildlife experiences, photo opportunities and instruction, but also awareness and funding to on the ground organizations trying to protect our wildlife legacy. Sam Clark Photography supports various organizations through safari profits including Gorilla Doctors and David Sheldrick Elephant Orphanage. It is up to us to not only enjoy these incredible creatures that roam across our earth, but also protect and care for them, and learn to all live in harmony together.

Through her newly formed NPO organization ‘Lions Bridge’, Sam also supports various humanitarian and conservation projects including. Child Uganda, an initiative created by Moses Konde from Nature Adventure African Safaris Pty Ltd, supporting the future of rural children in Uganda through education, impoverished families at Kazuri Beads in Kenya through ongoing income support, The Greenmade Group Project in Kenya, protecting our last remaining forests for sustainable wildlife habitats and environmental impact and the Nyamirambi rugando conservation and development group in Uganda, with 30 reformed poachers being taught the benefits of conservation of the Mountain Gorillas, Elephants and other species and shown alternative income revenues through gardening, beehives, fish farming and jewellery making.  Also a new partnership with Esipil Oorbarnot Self Help Group in the Maasai Mara with our first project being giving Elephants the gift of life and poverty reduction through our Elephant Dung Paper production and prints. We also support Emoya Big Cat Sanctuary, a home to an array of rescued big cats from around the globe.


Sam Clark Photography and Photo Safaris has also supported;

Big Life Foundation

Ann Van Dyk Cheetah Centre

Emoya Big Cat Sanctuary

Walking For Lions

The Greenmade Group

Nyamirambi Rugando Conservation and Development Group

Esipil Oorbarnot Self Help Group



2 thoughts on “Eco Safaris

  1. after meeting you at Gisbourne [sun 6th] by chance I felt privileged & by seeing your web site was enlightened to the troubles facing so many animal species in Africa. photography was the reason I can to you stall thankfully;;;;;;;;;;;

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